Years ago, it turned out that there was a need for a consultative board in the DIY sector to reach common points of view by a lot of suppliers. Everyone felt oneself more and more alone with respect to the manifold challenges. Informal contacts between suppliers pointed clearly in the direction of similar problems. These asked for a grounded common point of view. The creation of a unique organization, which was strong enough to hold consultations with retail in order to help organising and influencing the market even better, became more and more reality. 

On the one hand, FEBIN chose to remain independent, rather than to be active as a supplier column under the banner of the federation DIY, FEDOZ. But on the other hand, FEBIN wanted to make an effort to create a platform where suppliers could commit retail and consultation: this is how BDA (The Belgian Do-It-Yourself Association) arose. In this federation, all the columns were represented: independent retail through FEDOZ, organized retail through FEDIS (now Comeos) and suppliers with FEBIN. 

In 2009, FEBIN decided to join forces with a view to increasing efficiency with two other organizations in the DIY sector (FEDOZ and Comeos). With this operation, the association BDA was shut down as a structure, and the consultation platform BDA was reduced to two pillars: retail and supply. These were integrated in the retail federation Comeos. FEBIN retained its status as an independent supplier federation. 

Today, the challenge for suppliers is even bigger! Due to the extensive concentration of large scale customers, rapidly changing market conditions and changed power relations in the sector, a good consultation platform through a supplier federation with a good capacity of representative members is even more a must compared to 15 years ago. Many suppliers have understood this from the beginning, and keep supporting FEBIN as a federation within the DIY sector. 

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